Kosher Restaurants
Our Mission
The Fress was founded to offer the Kosher eating community an all-encompassing directory of Kosher dining and eating world-wide. offers consumers unparalleled access to kosher listings with features such as
  • Reviews
  • Comments
  • Events
  • Coupons & Offers
  • Business hours
  • Cuisine types
  • Online Reservations
  • Business hours
  • Restaurant Supervision & Supervision Directory
  • Online Menus
  • Image Gallery
  • Intuitive search and navigation for ease of use
For business owners, The Fress offers the ability to connect with thousands of engaged Kosher consumers and increase traffic through engaging page content, search optimization and premium ad content.
We are striving to build an engaging online community of Kosher eating world-wide. New features are being added daily and we look forward to receiving feedback and suggestions from consumers and business owners so that we together can create a comprehensive and useful tool for Kosher eaters around the world.